£900,000 down the Crapper

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Boris Johnson is proudly showing off his new plane, but has he made a huge boo boo on the design.

The military jet, which is called voyager one and is shared between Boris Johnson and the Royal Family, was spotted with its new paint job on Thursday afternoon.

Air Commodore Simon Edwards, the senior officer in charge, said: “This project was a privilege to have been involved in and I am delighted to have seen it delivered so quickly and efficiently. The aircraft’s new paint scheme will better reflect its prestige role which we are proud to undertake.”

Boris Johnston had said that he would like a “Brexit plane” to help him travel the world and a government spokesperson stated that the cost of the makeover “incorporates the cost of creating a design that will promote the UK around the world”.

Doesn’t this fine example of British workmanship make you feel proud to be… hang on a minute….

Let me look at that tail section again, for those who aren’t very technically minded, that is the part with the red and blue paint on it…

The left (port) side looks fine but take a closer look at the design on the right (starboard) side of the plane.

Have you spotted it yet?

No, then you are not alone, because it clearly hasn’t been spotted by the UK Government, the designers, Air Commodore Simon Edwards, Sky News, the BBC or the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group that has been paid nearly a million quid for this paint job…


Okay then, here it is…

They look the same, but on closer examination they are far from the same…

Okay we see it now, but why is this so important?

The union flag can be flown in two ways, one is correct the other is not.

Flying the union flag upside down is regarded as a distress signal and should only be used as such.

In the UK, flying the flag upside down can be considered an insult, even if it was an honest mistake.

One would assume that Boris Johnson the leader of the UK Government would know that, if not then surely a military man like Air Commodore Simon Edwards would be aware of it. But apparently not…

According to the “Flag Institute” the Protocol when flags are painted onto the tail fin of an aircraft, is that the flag on the port side should show the obverse of the flag (ie. the flagpole on the left), while that on the starboard side should show the reverse (ie. the flagpole on the right).

Which is great if it wasn’t for the fact that displaying the union flag in this manner naturally makes the flag appear to be flying upside down (which is an international signal for distress) and not back to front as intended.

The union flag cannot be reversed without it appearing to be upside down, you would have thought for £900k they would have taken that into consideration. This really should have been better thought out given the amount of taxpayers money spent on this paintjob…

Read more about how to correctly fly the union flag at Forces.net

An article here from Sky news that shows the planes oops moment…

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