Who are Hands Off Scotland?

We are a group of like minded people who share the same vision and philosophical belief of a truly Independent Scotland. We are here to help raise awareness of Westminster’s squandering of Scotland’s wealth and the continuing theft of Scotland’s identity, land and assets. Our aim is to bring you a simple version of the facts behind the stories you see and read in the media.

Hands Off Scotland” are not aligned to any political party, we have group members who are supporters of Labour, SNP, Greens, Lib Dems and Conservatives. Although we may often share information, we are not affiliated directly to any other group, website or organisation. We enjoy working with other like minded groups on social media sites like twitter and facebook and would encourage our readers to post links to this website so the information can be shared with a wider audience.

We are aware that there are some out there who do not want this information falling into the public domain and these people will use all their resources to discredit us, this is why we post a list of external links to show the sources of the information being shared here.

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Why Stay in the Union?

Here are some of the reasons why Westminster wants us to remain in the union and why they go to such great lengths to hide the facts regarding Scotland's finances from the general public
Scotland has over a trillion pound financial services sector

Scotland's Financial Services Sector

Net worth of over a Trillion pounds

In a meeting of the UK Treasury select committee Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney stated that the net worth of Scotland's financial services sector was more than a Trillion pounds...

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Scotland's GDP is over £200 Billion

Scottish GDP

Over £200 Billion

In a recent TV interview it was stated that the effect of a No-Deal brexit would be a drop in GDP of more than £200 billion - equivalent to removing Scotland’s economic output from the UK. Yes, you read that right, Scotland's contribution to the UK economy is a whopping £200 Billion, and yet they still try to tell us that we are too poor to make it on our own. It is only when you see the true GDP figures for Scotland and not the ones hidden by government estimates in GERS, that you realise exactly why Westminster don't want us to leave.

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england could go bust without Scotland's oil

Scotland's Oil Revenue

Westminsters money box

Without the revenue from North Sea Oil the rest of the UK could be in serious financial difficulty. They need our Oil revenue to survive, a fact that was brought home by financier Jim Rodgers in a TV interview.

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